Monday, December 20, 2004

The Lone Trainer

I mentioned in my previous blog that I am getting a new boss. No, he did not get fired, nor promoted…but rather placed in a fabulous, newly-created position that I will not blog about b/c he likes to Google himself every now and again…

But anyway, as of December 31st at 12 midnight, I will become the sole employee in my already itty bitty department, otherwise known as Libraries Staff Dev & Training. Yep, what was once 3 employees full will dwindle to uno…ein…one little ole me.

Am I scared? Am I planning to sabotage the Libraries in retaliation? Do I even know what I am getting into?

Well, yes. Yes to the third question, that is. It’s not a huge deal. I go with the flow. Sometimes I freak out, but rarely about anything I have little control over. Such as my soon-to-be job predicament.

My New Years resolution for 2005: I'm going to eat Wheaties every single day.


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